A call to support Professor Olivier Boillot

    Dear Sir, dear Madam,

    Through this petition, I would like to draw your attention and inform you that the Professor Olivier Boillot, Chief of the liver transplant unit HCH (hospital in Lyons, France) will no longer perform liver transplants for adults or children from September 13, 2010.

    The “hospices civils de Lyon” (hospital services in Lyons) have decided to create only one center of liver transplant located at “Hopital de la Croix Rousse”. As a result, Professor Boillot’s unit is about to be closed.

    He has been offered to perform transplants somewhere else, in “Groupement Nord”, an offer which is unacceptable in itself: he will no longer have a situation with responsibilities and will be unable to cure his patients.

    To date he has performed nearly 1060 liver transplants and was the first in France to perform a liver transplant with a live donor in 1992.

    On June 22, 2010, my son Axel, who is 20 months old, has benefited from a transplant from a live donor (myself) and I have been enabled to appreciate Professor Olivier Boillot’s professionalism and humanity.

    How can a city like Lyons consider losing a practitioner with such a renown when two very modern hospitals are about to be in office? (“HFME” and “Groupement Nord”).

    It is about fining a post with responsibilities for a Professor who is unanimously known for his abilities, his practice and his entire commitment to his patients.

    Due to my actions within the association “AVB l’espoir renaît” (French for Biliary Atresia the hope is reborn), I am in touch with numerous desperate parents who are really worried about their children’s health.

    Due to his experience and expertise, Professor Olivier Boillot prefers to perform an intervention which he knows is inescapable, rather than to wait until the children are between life and death to transplant them.

    Since Lyons is one of the only transplant centers with live donors in France, where will future liver transplant patients go?

    From September 13, liver transplants in pediatrics will be performed by a surgeon coming occasionally from the hospital Necker in Paris while the Professor Boillot will stay in Lyons, unemployed.

    This situation is unacceptable, which is why I am asking you to sign this petition, to add a supportive comment if you would like and to pass it on to as many transplant patients or future transplant patients as possible.

     This petition will be forwarded to Mister Gérard Collomb, President to the supervising Council of the hospitals of Lyons, to Mister Paul Castel, President of the board of Directors of the Hospitals of Lyons, to Mister Morin, Director of “ARS” and to Mister Jacques Gérault, prefect of “Rhône-Alpes”

    I thank you and count on your support, we have to get mobilized!

    Benoîte Curt, parent of a liver transplant patient.

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  • Commentaires

    Dana Baldacchino
    Vendredi 29 Octobre 2010 à 13:03

    Absolut ignorance, children will die, my son suffers of bililary atresia-needing a transplant here in Canada. I can't believe this is happening in France.........this man saves people's lifes,  and one of the best doing so!

    Nathalie Herman
    Jeudi 9 Septembre 2010 à 13:10

    My mom, Eliane Fraisse, had a liver ressection done by Dr Olivier Boillot with no blood transfusion.  He is the ONLY surgeon in the world who can perform that surgery without tranfusing his patients!   Don't be blinded by administrative and jalousy issues, LET HIM LEAD THE NEW TRANSPLANT UNIT to save our loved ones!!!!

    Lundi 23 Août 2010 à 12:36

    It's a shame that politics should interfere with any humanitarian job,  particularly in saving the life of the next generation.

    maria grazia prestin
    Samedi 21 Août 2010 à 19:11

    I have seen the despair for Carla's health and conditions, and then i have seen the happiness after the transplant took place, when  Carla and her parents smiled again. I am sure there are perfectly reasonable reasons for the decision, but i am equally sure that there are more valid reasons for Professor Ollivier Boillot to continue his work where he already proved to be so useful to save young lives.I do hope this can be reconsidered taking into account all aspects of the situation starting with the smile of the young people he saved!

    Maria Grazia Prestini, Group Vice President, Corporate Media Relations, STMicroelectronics


    Samedi 21 Août 2010 à 14:38

    we need Dr Boillot to continue his practice.

    Julie Masson
    Samedi 21 Août 2010 à 13:26

    Please think and have a change of heart., The right decision will be beneficial to so many people. PLEASE HAVE A HEART!!!!

    Raffaella Cerami
    Mardi 17 Août 2010 à 10:51

    As a mother I cannot stay silent when the life of sick children is weighed against some political reasons and comes out to be less relevant. With my support to Dr Boillot today I support life and hope.

    Carol Brown
    Lundi 16 Août 2010 à 15:19

    Please reconsider this action that deprives the helpless of a chance at survival. There is so much that is wrong with this world; this surgeon, whose work brings so much good to the world, should be allowed to continue, should be encouraged to continue...

    Claire Pettett
    Mercredi 4 Août 2010 à 13:39

    This man has done so much for so many and for my mother and i implore those decision makers to reverse their position on this.

    Florence Sami
    Lundi 2 Août 2010 à 01:17

    Comme francaise habitant les USA je suis vraiment decue du systeme francais.Politique ou personel interet semble avoirplus d'importance que le competences professionelles reconnues au niveau national et international du Professeur Olivier Boilot.

    Quels sont les  motifs de ne pas garder un chirurgien avec une competence professionnelle reconnue par ses resultats et ses publications au niveau national et international?

    Les enfants et les adultes francais en besoin d'une transplantation hepatique seront les premiers a etre victime du systeme politique hospitalier Lyonnais!!!

    J'espere que les organizations nationales qui sont au dessus de la bureaucratie Lyonnaise evite cette grave erreur injustifiee.

    Florence N Sami

    Los Angeles, CA


    Hani SAMI,MD
    Lundi 2 Août 2010 à 01:07

    I know Pr.Boilot for more than 20 years. He is one of the finest Liver Transplant Surgeon in the world. His work has been published in the top journals in the surgery field particularly on liver transplant. It's a shame to see the cheap politics in Lyon-France?- to destroy the carrier of one of the finest in the field of liver transplant. I have hard time believing that no national organization above the Lyon entourage can not stop this absurdity. I am mostly sad for the people of France that may loose probably the best option in France to have a liver transplant.

    Wake-up French People, Mobilize!!!!!


    Hani Sanmi, M.D.

    Clinical Assisstant Professor of Medicine

    USC Keck School of Medicine

    Los Angeles, CA


    Dimanche 1er Août 2010 à 22:24


    Dr. Maxwell
    Dimanche 1er Août 2010 à 21:52

    Please have a change of heart for those who will die from this poor decision.

    Dimanche 1er Août 2010 à 20:51

    I think it is a disgrace, people are going to die.

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